Why Are Fishing Competitions So Much Fun To Attend

August 1st, 2013

There’s no doubt about it when it comes to a fishing competition. Whether you are a competitor or a bystander, you are sure to catch some excitement, even if you never get a bite on the hook. Fishing is a sport that is enjoyed around the world and by people of all ages. Add a touch of healthy competition and everyone enjoys watching those big catches coming in, as well as the ones that get away. There’s sure to be a whale of a tale or two told around the campfire or in the living room after the Read the rest of this entry »

Who Is The Best Ranked Fisherman In The World

June 1st, 2013

When it comes to fishing, there are different kinds. You have bass, angler and fly fishing. There is also fishing for weight and quantity. If you are looking at basic fishing, then Martin Arostegui is among the best on the planet. He is a retired doctor who spends as much free time as possible on lakes, rivers and the ocean trying to catch the next big fish. He has a total of 326 world records and is still seeking more. Living in Florida, he grew up fishing on the weekends and after school. He has been Read the rest of this entry »

Why It’s Important To Use A Bobber While Fishing

March 28th, 2013

A bobber isn’t just a cute fishing accessory; it is an important tool that helps a fisherman in several ways. The following are four reasons that a bobber is important.

The use of a bobber keeps the baited hook from drifting away or sinking too far in the water. Instead, the bait remains hanging at a predetermined depth in the water where a fish is more likely to spot it. The length of line between the bobber and hook should be based upon the Read the rest of this entry »

Why Is Michigan Perfect For Fishing Fanatics

September 5th, 2012

Fishing is the act of catching fish. Back when fishing first came about, approximately 40,000 years ago at best guess, fishing was a means of eating. Besides hunting for meat, fish was a way to get the protein needed in people’s diets. Someone would take a rod and string with a hook attached and try to catch fish from the edge of a shore whether that shore was fresh water or sea water did not matter.

People still catch fish to eat, but it is not necessary for survival. Professional, commercial fishermen will use Read the rest of this entry »

Which Lakes Are The Best For Fishing

September 4th, 2012

Nothing is more satisfying or relaxing than going fishing. The very best part is when you actually catch something, or at least come home with a tale of the one that got away. So where would you find a good lake for a fishing trip? There are several resources you can use.

Most experienced fishermen are usually more than happy to give you the locations of good lakes to fish. Another excellent source is the Division of Game and Inland Fisheries in your particular Read the rest of this entry »

Does The Fishing Lure You Use Make A Difference

September 3rd, 2012

Fishing is one of the favorite relaxing past times for many people. There is nothing better for a man than pulling up that 10-pound fish. The fight and struggle at first and then the surrender of catching the fish gives people a rush.
Fishing for larger fish may cause angler to purchase different Lures. Some Lures are good for salt water and others for fresh. Colorful lures with long flashy tails are great for fishing on piers. These lures will attract fish such as Spanish mackerel. The pier is the perfect place to catch Read the rest of this entry »

How Can Fishing Instantly Go From Safe To Dangerous

August 31st, 2012

Fishing is one America’s favorite pastimes yet it can quickly change from a safe hobby to a dangerous one. You should always be prepared for any unfortuante event. One example is the weather. When out on the water, the weather can always turn, sometimes quickly with no warning. High winds, lightning and torrential rains could capsize a boat and put passengers at risk. You should always have life preservers and make sure other people know where you are Read the rest of this entry »

Are Fish Bigger In Salt Or Fresh Water

August 28th, 2012

You’re probably heard of the fact that fish grow larger, depending on the size of the fish tank. Well, this holds true when it comes to the body of water. You usually don’t see a 30 foot fish swimming down the river. Instead, the size of the fish adjusts to the size of the body of water. Although this isn’t always the case when it comes to fresh verses salt, typically, fish are able to grow larger in salt water, simply because there is more room, satellite TV, more food available for them to consume and more options when it comes to living. You usually don’t hear about a several hundred pound fish being caught inside a lake. Although there are some rather large fish swimming around larger lakes, such as the Great Lakes, you’ll find larger fish when you go deep sea fishing. This results in the larger than life catches. Fish must be larger in the ocean as there are more predators looking for them and going after them, so the larger fishes are more difficult to be caught. This isn’t the case when it comes to fresh water, as fewer predators are available in the fresh water of these lakes.

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